July 24, 2024
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Annual Sports Week 2019

  • Location: St. John International School

Annual Sports Week 2019

The Sports Meet proves a great opportunity for students ‘to unite ‘‘rejoice’,’introduce’ and ‘represent’ themselves. This would be a chance to not only perform but outperform and re-energize themselves. With this objective, school has organized Annual Sports Week for students of Grade I to X. The various competitions held throughout the week were- Relay Race, 100 Mtr Race, 200 Mtr Race, Lemon and Spoon, Langadi, Kho-Kho,Foot Ball, Volley Ball etc.

The glittering closing ceremony commenced with the welcoming of the PTA members and parents for the closing ceremony. The entire atmosphere was charged with zeal and enthusiasm of the students. The final round sports events began with the relay race for Sub-Juniors, Juniors and Seniors. Followed by Finale of Football and Volley ball between the Blue House and Green House. The most enthusiastic part was the Tug of War between Parents and Teachers. The day came to an end by awarding the winners of relay race and participation certificate for the parents for Tug of War.

All the students were on zeal to exhibit their talents with high spirit to grab the opportunity of getting points for their houses. There was a tough competition among the houses.