July 24, 2024
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Beach Cleaning Drive

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Beach Cleaning Drive

St. John International School always gives students an opportunity to explore, while imbibing important values within themselves. The Beach Clean-Up drive was one such avenue for many students, starting from Grade Xth to XIIth.

The Students of grade X and XII of St John International school were taken to the Shirgaon beach in Palghar for “Beach Clean Up Drive” on 31st May 2023. 73 students and seven staff members participated in the drive. Garbage bags were bought prior to the clean-up. The students collected waste like plastic, empty cold drink bottles, flower garlands, packets of chips, biscuits(etc). The collected garbage was disposed of in the large waste bins on the beach.

Approximately, 20-25 fully packed bags of waste were collected from the beach.

This clean-up drive transformed into a mindful and humbling experience as the students reflected on their lifestyle and how it had impacted their ecosystem.

Picking up the garbage made them realise how we humans are responsible for this mess”