July 17, 2024
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Book Summary writing

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 “Book Summary Writing ”

Date: 25/06/2024

The objective of the book summary writing activity conducted in the library was to enhance students’ reading comprehension skills, critical thinking abilities, and writing proficiency by summarizing a selected book.

This activity involved students from class VI to XII issuing books from the library and presenting a summary of that book.


  1. Book Selection: Books were chosen to cater to the diverse interests and reading levels of the students. Students issued books from the library as per their choice.
  2. Summary Writing: Book summary submitted by the students were displayed on board in library.
  3. Presentation: Students shared their insights, discussed the book’s themes and characters, and highlighted what they enjoyed most about the story.    

The book summary writing activity conducted in the school library proved to be an effective strategy for enhancing students’ reading and writing skills while fostering a culture of collaboration and critical thinking. By providing opportunities for students to engage deeply with literature, the activity contributed to their overall academic development and instilled a lifelong love for reading.