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Certificate courses for Grade X students

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Certificate courses


Date: 22nd May 2023- 27th May 2023

 Venue: SJIS classroom and IT lab

Participants: Students of grade X (appeared)

St John International school had organised following certificate courses for the students of Grade X (appeared) from 22nd May to 27th May 2023.


Date Name of course Resource person
22/05/2023 Photography 1.    Deep Patil

2.    Sarvesh Gharat

23/05/2023 Cyber Security       Sheefa Shaikh
24/05/2023 Animation and video editing      Sanket Rathore
25/05/2023 Graphic designing       Juhika Save
26/05/2023 Web Designing      Prashant Shukla
27/05/2023 Stock marketing 1.    Jaydip Raval

2.    Hitesh Verma

The students found the course interesting and informative. Both theoretical and Practical knowledge was imparted to the students during the course.