July 17, 2024
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Chartered Accountant Day

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Chartered Accountant Day


On the occasion of Chartered Accountants Day which is celebrated every year on 1st July, Powerpoint Presentation Activity was organised for students of Grade XI commerce to ensure that Indian Accountants adhere to the law. The activity aimed to create awareness about the importance of CA and to inspire students to know the responsibilities of preparing financial statements and developing financial plans of auditing, tax filings, bookkeeping and so on.

The activity was conducted during the Sewa period with excitement. The activity encourages the students to show their own way to express gratitude towards CAs and develop a positive attitude towards Financial sectors.

This significant occasion serves as a platform to acknowledge and pay tribute to the immeasurable impact that CAs make across diverse sectors of the economy. It stands as a testament to their exceptional proficiency, unwavering professionalism, and unwavering dedication to upholding financial morality. CA Day is considered as a reminder of the professionals’ indispensable roles in shaping the corporate milieu and fostering a business climate of utmost financial transparency.