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Field trip – Visit to Printania

  • Location: Printania-ST. John Commercial Complex
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Field Trip-Printania

Grade -V A /B

Date – 26th April , 2019 ( Friday )


The students of grade V of our school visited the Printania in the printing press sector on 26th April , 2019 .It was an amazing experience as all the students understood the concept of printing press  in depth .

The present technological advancement along with detailed explaination on its working was gracefully given by Mr.Jerry. Initially he told the students about the CTP printing technology which is used in printing technology . Basically, in this technology the content of textbook is printed on thick aluminium sheet .For one textbook many such sheets are required. Mr. Jerry also told the students about the speed of the printing machine which approximately10, 000 sheets in the duration of one hour. The machine that is used for printing press was named as Komouri machine which can print different shades of colours on a single sheet of paper at a time .

It was a wonderful experience for all the students to know about how textbooks are printed. It aroused the student’s curiosity. All the students and teachers thoroughly enjoyed this educational field trip.