July 21, 2024
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Inauguration of Turf Court

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Inauguration of Turf Court


Our School believes in all round development of each child and to provide each student an environment to grow, a long awaited vision of our respected Chairman of Aldel Education Trust, Mr. Albert W. D’Souza, of turfing the School ground became a reality.

The formal Inauguration of the Turf was held on 7th July 2022.

The programme began with a short prayer. The prayer of blessing was led by Rev. Fr. Philip Gonsalves.

The ribbon cutting ceremony was performed by the Honorary Member of Management Mr. Albert W. D’Souza (Chairman of Aldel Education Trust) and Rev. Fr. Philip Gonsalves. This was followed by the blessing of the turf ground with the Holy Water.

It was held in the esteemed presence of respected Mrs. Elvina D’Souza (Secretary of Aldel Education Trust), Mrs. Elaine Buthello (Treasurer of St. John Educational and Technical Campus), Mr. Aldridge D’Souza (Member of the Trust), Director of Campus and Principal of Pharmacy College Dr. Savita Tauro, Principal of Various Institute of St. John Educational and Technical Campus, Teachers and Students.

This turf will help our school children as well as children from our vicinity to come and practice.

“Who knows we can create one more famous player like Michael Jordan from this basketball turf”