July 24, 2024
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Independence Day activity

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Independence Day activity

 “Learn to enjoy and respect each other’s differences.” – Fred Meijer

On the occasion of Independence day , the primary section of St. John International School celebrated ‘Traditional Day’ on 12th August,2023. 

The students and teachers came in traditional attires as per the states they belonged to. This enhanced the spirit of nationality among the students.

On that pleasurable day, pride and happiness could be seen on the faces of students. Everyone was excited to celebrate this day. The aim of traditional attire was to instil and promote the value of unity in diversity among them.

Apart from the traditional day, various activities were also conducted. A special assembly was conducted which included patriotic songs and dance performances which portrayed the significance of Independence day.

The joy and enthusiasm was witnessed as different activities such as drawing and colouring of the national flag, collage  activity, colourful grain activity (Indian tricolour flag) and drawings depicting the message to the Indian soldiers. The Independence day activity served as a reminder that the Indian tri-colour (saffron, white and green with blue Ashoka Chakra) has significance and meaning to it.

It was an occasion that celebrated the beauty of India and the significance of Indian Independence .