July 17, 2024
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Junior Scientist and Drawing Competition (JASHN-E-THEEM)

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Junior Scientist and Drawing Competition (JASHN-E-THEEM)

The recent Inter-School Drawing and Junior Scientist Competitions held on 6th Feb 2024 showcased the talents and ingenuity of young participants from various schools. This brief report highlights the notable achievements of our school’s representatives in both events.

In the Drawing Competition, our school’s budding artists displayed exceptional creativity and artistic flair. Their imaginative interpretations of the given themes captivated the judges and audience alike. Through their vibrant colors and expressive strokes, our students conveyed powerful messages and emotions, leaving a lasting impression on all who beheld their artwork. Their dedication to the craft and ability to convey narratives through visuals earned them well-deserved recognition and applause. There were 15 students from grade IV to VIII. Rahi Jain from grade 4th won first Prize in inter school Drawing competition. She received a trophy and winners certificate.

In the Junior Scientist Competition, our school’s young minds excelled in showcasing their scientific curiosity and problem-solving skills. Through innovative experiments, insightful observations, and clear presentations, they demonstrated a deep understanding of scientific principles and methodologies. Their projects not only addressed real-world challenges but also reflected their passion for inquiry and discovery. Their success in this competition underscores the importance of nurturing scientific talent and fostering a culture of experimentation and exploration among students. There were 2 groups of students from grade IV to VIII. Manan Girase and Samridh Bajpai from grade 4th won Second Prize in Inter School Junior Scientist competition. They received trophy and winners certificate.

In conclusion, our school’s participation in the Inter-School Drawing and Junior Scientist Competitions yielded commendable results, with our students shining brightly in both arenas. Their achievements not only reflect their individual talents but also speak volumes about the supportive environment and quality education provided by our school.