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Mental Maths Competition

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St. John International School, Palghar

World Mental Maths Day (Calendar Activity)

Mental Maths Competition

Grade I XI

Date: 18th October, 2020

        An Inter-Section Mental Maths Competition was conducted by St. John International School, Palghar on Saturday, 18th October, 2020 for class I – V. It assessed the Mathematical skills of the students with a varying degree of difficulty. Grade I & II students were judged on their ability to answer the dodging tables in a given interval of time whereas grade III – V students had Rubic’s cube solving competition (3×3 dimension). Both the competitions were taken virtually by the respective math teachers of grade I – V. Total 100 students participated in the virtual mental maths competition.

Students of Grade VI – IX actively participated in Mental Maths Quiz. A total of 98 students participated in Grade VI – VIII competition and from Grade IX – XI, 42 students participated in all.