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Online Labs and E-BASTA

  • Date: Friday, Aug 31, 2018
  • Time: 2:30 AM - 3:30 PM
  • Location: Online Labs and E-BASTA
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On 31/08/2018, an online labs training session was held. The resource person Mr. Samadhan Manore started the session by introducing himself.

He then went on to emphasise the importance of the inclusion of new and latest technologies in the teaching learning process. Keeping this objective in mind he introduced two online applications namely OLABS and E-BASTA.

The OLABS application has in it varied activities and experiments corresponding to the subjects which are easily accessible to the students on their computers. E-BASTA application consists of various textbooks of all subjects in the PDF format which can be downloaded for future reference. Mr.Samadhan Manore gave a detailed demonstration of both the applications and later asked the teachers to get a hand on experience of the same by operating the applications themselves. The teachers eagerly explored the applications and got all their doubts cleared.

Mr. Samadhan Manore assessed that it is the government initiative to bring about a revolution in the field of education. Change is inevitable and there is an unignorable need to keep up with the fast changing and advancing technologies.

Both, OLABS and E-BASTA applications are very student friendly and can also be made easily accessible for review by parent too.

The training session lasted an hour but provided a much needed information to make the teaching learning process more interactive and interesting.

Certificate were given to all the participants.