July 24, 2024
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Teacher’s Day Celebration

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Teacher’s Day Celebration

‘To the world you may be just a teacher, but to your students you are HERO’

This quote clearly turned into a reality by the students of St. John International School on Teacher’s Day 5th September 2020. This year the celebration of teacher’s day turned to be completely different as students showcased a horde of programmes appreciating and adoring their beloved teachers.

The students of Grade IX, X and XI put up an exuberant virtual celebration involving prayer, PPTs, videos, songs, dance and games for the teachers. The students learnt the skill of collaboration and administration through this virtual programme. The younger lot made colourful cards, beauteous videos and personalised notes with selfie for their teachers as suggested by CBSE. The school has given each student his/her own email ID, hence the students personally wished the teachers by sending their love though emails. All the teachers were greatly moved by this kind gesture of our beloved students.

Principal Sr. Apoline Pais thanked the students for putting up such a wonderful programme and motivated them in keeping up the value of love and respect for all elders and especially teachers. She added that the school misses them and we are eagerly waiting for them to attend the physical school. She also thanked all the teachers for being the student’s second parent and appreciated the teacher’s dedication during the Online classes.

We are indeed indebted to this kind gesture of our students and love and gratitude they showered to us.