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Weaker Section Day

  • Date: Thursday, Nov 22, 2018
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The Weaker Section Day was observed on 22nd November 2018.As per the schedule of activities, stipulated in the circular of the Quami Ekta Week, two of the students addressed the audience during the morning assembly .In their speech they reiterated the need for the development of the weaker section, namely the scheduled caste, scheduled tribe and other weaker sections of the society. They also highlighted in their speech, the different government programmes designed to help the weaker section, with particular emphasis on the distribution of surplus land to the land less labourers.

A rally was organized by the students outside the school premises with a view of providing awareness to the people on the government policies and programmes for the weaker section. Students carried banners and participated very enthusiastically in the rally.

A meeting was conducted in a village at Devkop ( Abacahpada) in Palghar district, where five students separately addressed the villagers who were gathered there and spoke to them about the various schemes and programmes that the government has started for their benefit. Special mention was made on the distribution of surplus land to the landless. They spoke to the villagers in Hindi and Marathi, simultaneously which were the language used by the villagers in their common parlance. The villagers were very eager to know about the schemes. The students were helped by Mr. Nitin Thalekar the primary school teacher of the village.

Most of the villagers being illiterate did not know anything about these schemes. They promised to enquire about them and implement it, taking the guidance of Mr. Thalekar. The students were satisfied that they could provide some information to the villagers and help them in a small way.