July 17, 2024
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Cultural Unity

  • Date: Friday, Nov 23, 2018
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Cultural unity in diversity programme was observed with great zest in St.John International School .The main objective of the programme was to create awareness among the students regarding various aspects of our culture and unity in diversity. The programme started with a speech by the student on the different aspects of the cultural unity in diversity in our country. The speech focused on the diversity in our culture in terms of caste , creeds and religions and it also brought out the meaning of the term “oneness or togetherness in spite of the presence of diverse or different concept”.

The concept of unity in diversity was explained very beautifully by the students through a fashion show titled as “Anekta mein ekta”. Through this show the students brought out the diversity seen in dress, food and other cultural activities like dance form, pertaining to each state. They beautifully depicted India as a country rich in different cultures and traditions, and as the best example of unity in diversity, where all the people are bonded together inspite of all the differences. After the fashion show students sang a song on unity “Baar Baar haa bolo yaar haa” which indicates that we are united together and we can win all the battle being united.

This way we ended the programme by holding all the posters which showed we are united, we are one!!!