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Doha Recitation Competition

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Doha Recitation Competition

Grade VII to X

Date:- 14.06.2022

   Doha are a set of two lines with great moral values. Strongly believing in the notion that values are the root of Indian legacy and children the index of tomorrow, an Inter House Doha Recitation Competition was conducted by SJIS on 14th June 2022. 46 students from class 7th to 10th participated with great enthusiasm. Students beautifully recited dohas of Saint Kabir while explaining and referring to the context of the Dohas and showcased their instinctive flair. All the recitations contained important messages and a great deal of worldly wisdom by Sant Kabir. The competition was judged on the basis of confidence, accuracy, voice modulation, and overall presentation by the child. The judges of the competition appreciated the balanced presentation and encouraged the students for the same.