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Fancy Dress Competition

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St. John International School, Palghar

Fancy Dress Competition

Grade I – V

Date : 23rd  October, 2020

     Scholastic and co-scholastic activities have an equal importance in school programme for the all round development of the child. Keeping this in view, we at St. John International School, Palghar conducted the Fancy Dress Competition for the students of grade I – V.

The purpose of conducting the competition was not only to blend learning with fun and culture but also to develop confidence in the students. Students displayed their talents on the theme ‘Traditional Attire’. They dressed up as Maratha warriors, fisherwoman, traditional Bengali look, Kalbeliya tribe from Rajasthan, South Indian dressing etc. and explained about the speciality of our Indian culture and traditions.

Overall , there were 113 participants whose talent and dedication made this event successful. The effort and hard work of children and parents were highly commendable.The competition proved to be great learning experience for the students and gave them a platform to explore the old traditions and culture of our country India.