July 14, 2024
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Field Trip to Police Station

  • Location: Palghar Police Station
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Report on Field Trip to Police Station

“ I’m not skipping school! I’m just on a SELF-MOTIVATED Field Trip!!”
——says every child when he/she goes on field trip. A field trip to Police Station was arranged with an aim to make learning experiences more powerful and impactful. It maximises the learning requires for thoughtful work done before and after the trip.
Students of Grade VII visited Palghar Police station on 12th November 2019. The police officers were glad to welcome our students and explained their day-to day working schedule. They explained the uses of various arms and ammunitions, the working of control room, how to lodge a complaint (First Information Report). They also visited the police cell with a prisoner in it. One of the officers explained the significances of the Rules and Regulations and why we should follow them.
Our curious young minds interacted with the police officers and asked various queries. Their doubts were satisfactorily answered by the able police personnel’s. At the end, our students were offered refreshment as a token of love and they departed with a happy heart and smiling face.