July 14, 2024
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Fit India Movement 2020

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St. John International School, Palghar
Fit India Movement 2020
St. John International School, Palghar stands steadfastly for fitness, health and all round development of the mind, body and soul of its students and staff. It has been the constant endeavor of the school to advocate and encourage our students to engage in activities that enhance the overall well-being of the individual. In its relentless pursuit of excellence, not just in academics but in all the other related aspects of human growth, St. John International School complied wholeheartedly with PM Shri. Narendra Modi’s ‘Fit India Movement’. This is a noble initiative of our honorable PM to make ‘fitness and health’ the very essence of life, especially the youth of India. This programme aims at instilling in them the spirit of physical well-being.
Keeping in mind the current Corona Pandemic, students and parents were encouraged by the teachers to do healthy exercises at home. The students shared the inspiring videos and pictures with the Incharge teachers. Ranging from running, walking and jogging activities. Students thoroughly enjoyed them all. Total 82 students from I to XI participated in these activities with gusto and zeal. The plethora of activities undertaken by the students, parents, teacher of the school speak volumes about its deep commitment in promoting good health and fitness of its all. The school since its inception has espoused the cause of the holistic development of its students and staff and we stand by the PM’s ‘Fit India Programme’.