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Fit India School Week Celebration- December 2020

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St. John International School, Palghar

 Fit India School Week Celebration- December 2020


In compliance to the CBSE directives of celebrating 2nd edition of  “Fit India School Week” in the month of December. St.  John International School celebrated the week conducting the following activities day wise:

DAY-1:- The school conducted Virtual Assembly in which students did yoga including free hand exercises like zig zag, shuttle run, hop scotch, Rope skipping chess, aerobics etc.

DAY-2:-Students assembled online for Virtual Assembly with common Yoga Protocols, and then participated in activities like Reading out the letter ‘Power of Fitness’, Open mic Forum, Brain games, Poster making and advertisement making etc.

DAY-3:- The School conducted a Poster Making Contest was conducted for the students on the Theme “Hum fit to India Fit” and a session on ‘Diet and nutrition during pandemic’.

DAY-4:- The students got engaged in Podcast and movie making on ‘Get fit, don’t quit’.

DAY-5:- The school organised virtual challenges for teachers like spot jogging, rope skipping, squats challenge etc. Lecture on ”Re-strengthening of the mind post pandemic was conducted for students.

DAY-6:- The last day was dedicated for family fitness with participation of parents and grand pang with students in activities like fitness circuit, hacky sack at home etc.