July 17, 2024
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GK Quiz Competition

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GK Quiz Competition

The Primary Section of St. John International School held an exciting and engaging General Knowledge (GK) Quiz Competition on 26th August, 2023. The event aimed to enhance the students’ awareness of various topics while making learning a fun and interactive experience.

The competition was organised in a quiz format, with teams of 4 enthusiastic participants each of every house ( Red, Blue, Green and Yellow ). The questions were designed to be age-appropriate and covered a wide range of topics, including science, history, geography, literature, and current events.

The GK Quiz Competition in the Primary Section of St. John International School was a resounding success. The event not only encouraged students to expand their general knowledge but also provided a platform for them to showcase their teamwork, quick thinking, and communication skills. The competition left everyone excited and eager for more such intellectually stimulating events in the future.

The event demonstrated the commitment of St. John International School to providing holistic education that goes beyond textbooks and encourages students to be curious, informed, and confident individuals.