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National Integration

  • Date: Monday, Nov 19, 2018
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On 19th November, 2018 we had the inauguration of Quami Ekta Week (National Integration week).

19th November is celebrated as National Integration Day all over India, in honour of India’s first Woman Prime Minister Late Mrs. Indira Gandhi known as the Iron Lady of India. Our resource persons for this day were Ms. Pallavi Srivastava, Assistant Professor of MMS (Master of Management Studies) and Mr. Govind Aasne Vice Principal of St. John Institute of Pharmacy and Research.

Students gave information on National Integration Day, performed a dance to bring out the idea of India’s Unity in Diversity and sang songs which had meaningful words related to National Integration.

Resource person Ms. Pallavi Srivastava conducted a seminar for the students and teachers emphasizing on the theme of secularism and communalism and non-violence. Ms Pallavi also gave the importance of National Integration and how it helps to stabilize the democracy and increase the economic growth for the development of the nation.

The Indian National Integration Pledge was taken by all present. Our Principal Sr. Apoline Pais, and the staff of St. John International School worked hand in hand to inculcate the spirit of communal harmony and National Integration in the minds of the students and motivated them to take pride in our vibrant composite culture and Nationhood. The programme ended with the National Anthem.