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Online Christmas Day Celebration

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Report on Online Christmas Day Celebration

24th  December 2020

This year Christmas was celebrated with great fervor and enthusiasm in St. John International School, Palghar. Even though the celebration was online / virtual using Google Meet, the entire school was filled by the positive vibrations of Christmas carols.

The school had beautifully decorated with bells, stars, streamers, angels, Christmas trees etc. Several other activities like making of Christmas Cards, Crib making and Hand-crafted gifts were organized. The story of the birth of Lord Jesus and the legend of Santa Claus was shown by menace of nice animated story.

Christmas is also about giving and loving. The young students learn about the spirit of giving and sharing through the short speech given by our beloved Principal Sr. Apoline Pais. To boost the spirit’s of haplessness and joy in children all the teachers have recorded nice event and was shown live to children.

The smiles on the faces of the children when Santa moved around distributing sweets was something that couldn’t be missed by anyone but due to this pandemic situation this year we do miss this Santa a lot. It was indeed true that the warmth of Christmas was felt from the heart and the actions just proved it right.

All the children from grade I to XI participated online in the event wholeheartedly and enjoyed the event a lot. The event was indeed a successful one and more impermanently joyful one.