July 17, 2024
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Street Play “Clean India- Green India”

  • Location: St. John International School
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St John International School

Vevoor Road, Palghar

Street Play “Clean India- Green India”


A tinny drumming sound rang out loud and clear at the campus entrance and on the streets on 18th September 2019 afternoon. Curious auto drivers, shoppers and onlookers stopped to see what was going on. Soon a small crowd had collected to see a street play enacted by students of Grade VIII of St. John International School.

Loud shouts of “Gali gali me shor hain, SWATCH BHARAT SUNHARE BHAVISHYA KA MOD HAI” was heard in the streets and school where the students performed a street play on “Clean India-Clean India”. The students with the aim of creating awareness about cleanliness had prepared a beautiful street play which they performed near the entrance of the campus as well as on local streets.

The audience appreciated the efforts of the students and even pledged to keep the town / city clean