July 17, 2024
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Training on Experiential Learning

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Training on Experiential Learning

A teacher is a learner before he/she is a teacher. The spirit of bettering oneself is what defines an educationist. In this regard, it is essential for teachers to upgrade themselves, attain a set of differential skills, and improve upon practiced strategies.

Principal-Sr. Apoline Pais conducted & briefed about the training programme on ‘Experiential Learning’ she attended in Mumbai. She elaborated the teachers about the need of collaborating experiential method of learning to keep the classroom lively. Later on video of the demo lectures conducted in the training programme was shared with the teachers and teachers were guided to prepare lesson plan incorporating different individual and group activities.

Sr. Apoline Pais guided teachers in adopting more efficient ways of teaching, planning, and strategizing their lessons and activities so as to maximize learning for students.

The workshop entailed hands-on learning for teachers accompanied Sister’s gently nudging the participant teachers to reflect upon their words and the participants’ activities. Elaborating upon the different aspects of an experience and how to draw maximum learning out of experiential learning for the benefit of both—students as well as teachers.

The workshop saw active participation from teachers who shared their experiences and showed commendable team spirit in planning out activities