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Visit to a Bakery

  • Location: St. John College of Humanities and Sciences
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Report on visit to a Bakery

Date: 18.11.19
“Bakers make the world smell better’.
To make this quote more meaningful students of Grade IV visited a bakery as a part of field trip on 18 November 2019. Students were very excited to see the happenings of such a delicious place. They were provided with the information and were shown all the utensils used in the kitchen as well as the big oven where the bakers bake cakes. Students were also told about the differences between the chopping board used in the kitchen and also how hygiene is maintained in their kitchen. At last students were also treated with delicious cookies.
Learning objective of this trip was to encourage students to get hands-on experience in Bakery section and also to familiarise with the Baking process and utensils that are used in Bakery and foresee a career in baking industry.