July 24, 2024
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Wall Magazine Activity”

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“Wall Magazine Activity” 

      “Our rich and varied cultural heritage has a profound power to help build our nation.”– Nelson Mandela

Our heritage serves as a reminder of our history. It is a national treasure as well as a symbol of the civilization’s pride. In accordance with the thought of how one’s connection to its roots and culture affects one’s future and development, Wall Magazine Activity for Grade VI to IX was conducted at St. John International School commemorated World Heritage Day on 18th April 2024. Students will be able to honour the world’s different cultures, apprise the learners with the heritage sites, and contribute towards the preservation of our Country’s heritage in our own little way.

Grade VI & VII learners were introduced to the meaning of heritage, their family heritage and the heritage of the country. The enthusiastic learners researched on heritage monuments and presented amazing facts while bringing their Show and Tells alive with the right fervour, voicing aloud the slogan ‘Preserve the sheen’. Grade VIII & IX learners were given an introduction to the meaning of heritage, basis which they researched on the assigned heritage sites and presented some astounding facts to display their involvement in the activity . It was an absolute delight to witness such involved participation using  charts, models and much more for equally captivated students eager to learn. Grade X commenced the special day activity by explaining the significance of heritage. The importance of preservation of heritage be it cultural or monumental was emphasised. Being mindful of our rich heritage provides just the right platform to develop a more thought after future. We must instil in our students the yearning to learn more about our past and culture to become more responsible and efficient citizens.