July 17, 2024
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World Sanskrit Day

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“सुरससुबोधा विश्वमनोज्ञा ललिता हृद्या रमणीया ।

अमृतवाणी संस्कृतभाषा नैव क्लिष्टा न च कठिना ॥”

World Sanskrit Day is celebrated annually on the day of Shraavana Poornima (full moon) to mark the importance of the ancient Sanskrit language. Sanskrit is an ancient sacred language in India, and several holy books like the Rigveda were written in this language. The language is known to have no start and no end, making it divine and everlasting. It is also known as Dev Vani or the “language of Gods”. In 2023, World Sanskrit Day will be celebrated on 31st August.

Ministry of Education, Government of India, announced the celebration of World Sanskrit Day in 1969.

Sanskrit Day is also known as “Vishva-Samskrita-Dinam” and Samskrita Bharati, a Sanskrit organization that promotes this day nationally and globally. Learn more about World Sanskrit Day, its history, theme, and importance here.

On the Sanskrit Day we conducted Assembly in Sanskrit, in which students play a Sanskrit skit and sung A Sanskrit Songs, Speech on Importance of Sanskrit in Our Life and place of sanskrit in the world.

On World Sanskrit Day, students are encouraged to Speaks in Sanskrit and to develop their Interest in learning Sanskrit Language.