July 17, 2024
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Principal's Message



The word education instantly brings to mind school, students, teachers, books, extracurricular activities etc. Attending school and securing marks does not fulfill the task of education. The aim of education is to build up good values, skills, character and habit.

Speaking about education, I recall the words of Joseph Addison, ‘What a sculptor is to a block of marble, education is to the soul’, and as I ponder on these lines my thoughts get connected to Dr. Radhakrishnan’s words, ‘Education, to be complete must be humane’. Undoubtedly, how true these lines are! Education does mould the soul and create a human. A good soul and humanity are so closely interconnected and it is education that revolves around them.

Being humane is the need of the hour. In the world of today, where brutality exists, humanity can serve its purpose with a lot of difference. Humanity begins with small gestures of love and kindness which should be nurtured in our very own homes. These small gestures which are in itself education, go on to mould the child into to a compassionate human being. Discipline is the most important of all as far as growing up is concerned.

I also feel it essential to mention that, ‘Life without a purpose is a lamp without oil’. Being the unique creation of God, we, humans can go beyond our capabilities to achieve everything in life, which other creatures cannot. Therefore, set goals and define your path clearly.

Think of what education is for you! The hard work you put in will bring a smile on your parents face. You can make your life a fulfilled one by being good. Thank God for his valuable gift of ‘LIFE’ to you - by accepting and respecting it and its purpose.

So, as you seek education, I invite you, my dear students to think of the purpose of your life and I end with the words of Henry David Thoreau, ‘Thought is the sculptor that can create the person you want to be’.

God bless!

Sister Apoline Pais D.Ed, M.A, B.Ed